Most Wanted!

When Night Owl speaks, I tend to listen.

He says do it, I do it.

My wantlists are in an awful, unorganized, unupdated, unmaintained mess, so it only makes sense.

These are the cards I want the most (at the time of making this list, after being awake for 17 hours and just over an hour until I have the opportunity to shut my eyes, so it’s a partially sleep-deprived list)…

* 2005 Topps Rookie Cup Chris Sabo 66
* 1985 Donruss Mario Soto DK 19
* 1987 Fleer Sticker Cards Eric Davis 30
* 1992 Dodgers Police Eric Davis 33
* 1988 Royals Smokey Kurt Stillwell 23
* 1988 Royals Team Issue Kurt Stillwell 31
* 1983 Quad City Cubs TCMA Shawon Dunston 20
* 1985 Cedar Rapids Reds TCMA Rob Dibble 6
* 1986 Vermont Reds ProCards Rob Dibble 7
* 1974 O-Pee-Chee Ken Griffey Sr. 598

I don’t have much to offer in return, but if you make an offer I will listen and will do my best to fulfill your request. I don’t know how difficult these cards are to obtain, as I have not really actively sought most of them, nor do I know what their “book value” is as I don’t really pay attention to “the book.” So just let me know what you’re looking for, or what you want in return, and we’ll see if we can work something out.

I’m going to try to stay awake now for another hour.

About JT

Christian. Husband. Dad. 911 dispatcher. Baseball fan. Horror nut. Music nerd. Bookworm. Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year.

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  1. First the good: I checked out your list.

    The bad: I’ve got nothing.

  2. I probably have too many regional and minor league issues on the list. I will revise it eventually when I get my stuff organized…these are just cards I *know* I don’t have yet.

  3. I have the Mario Soto DK and would love to send it over to help the cause. If you send me your address, I’ll send it along.
    I am asking nothing in return, unless you wanted to create a 2009 Reds fun card for my favorite 70’s Reds catcher…Bill Plummer.
    Either way, send me your info and Mario will be on his way.
    Johngy1 at aol

  4. i believe i have the sabo and the eric davis sticker. i’ll have to check.

  5. That would be awesome Jim. Keep in mind I don’t have my cards very well organized right now, and won’t for at least 2 months probably, so if you have a specific request for trade it may take a while for me to respond.

  6. jt

    i do have the sabo but not the davis. i’ll surround him with some other redlegs and send em off. send me some dodgers when you have a chance.

    email me your addy at gcrlATcomcastDOTnet


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