Operation Manuel Override

Charlie Manuel should be fired by Bud Selig.

Do something right for once, Bud. Get rid of that bum!
(And then resign yourself)

Vote Votto as the 34th man.

The pick of Omar Infante is puzzling…no. Puzzling doesn’t begin to describe to utter STUPIDITY of the selection.

Again, Charlie Manuel should be fired by Bud Selig.

I do NOT agree with Passan that Strasburg should be on the team.

But I DO agree that Infante should not be allowed ANYWHERE NEAR the All-Star Game.

At least not without buying a ticket.

FIRE CHARLIE MANUEL. Idiots shouldn’t be allowed to run baseball teams. Especially All-Star teams.

This isn’t even so much about Votto’s obvious snub. It’s about who was picked over him. 1) Ryan Howard isn’t better than Votto this year. 2) Omar Infante isn’t better than Votto EVER.

In my opinion, Votto deserved it over Brandon Phillips and Arthur Rhodes.

And I’m not really even comfortable with the Rhodes selection anyway, because the guy is a stinkin’ relief pitcher. At least he’s not the Reds lone selection though.

But Votto should be on the team.

Votto should have been the FIRST RESERVE PICKED for the team.

Seriously, if Votto isn’t picked as the 34th man then the vote should be taken away from the fans AND the coaches.

I understand why he isn’t starting. Albert Pujols is an amazing player. If it weren’t for Votto, I would have voted for Pujols. I get it.

But to leave Votto off the team altogether?

It’s worse than wrong.

Vote for Votto. Please. Let’s end world hunger…for the children.

(disclaimer: I stole “Manuel Override” from @Mileysthoughts via @OMGreds)

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