Topps Feedback

Several are talking about Topps football cards, and the company is asking for input for upcoming releases. I don’t collect football much, but I do like to buy a few packs when the finances permit. Here are my answers to Topps’ questions…

1. What products from our previous Topps football lines would you like to see us continue or bring back?

This is going way back, but I’d love to see the 1000-yard club subset return…and not as an SP gimmick, but like the old days: 1 per pack.

2. What new products or ideas would you like to see?

Minimal. I can’t stand trying to track down cards from 50 different sets. Call me cheap, or poor, I don’t care. I want the basic, inexpensive set. And by inexpensive, I mean cheaper than your “flagship” product even.

If anything, I’d like to see a set devoted entirely to retired players, similar to the “all-time fan favorites” sets of the past. Feature some of the lesser-known regional favorites like Eddie Brown, Ickey Woods, Tim Krumrie.

3. Which 2010 NFL Rookies would you like to see us sign to autograph deals?

I don’t collect “certified” autographs inserted in packs, so I really don’t care. Plus, rookies are usually overhyped and overpriced anyway.

4. Regarding our product calendar, which releases would you like to see early in the season, late, etc?

I would like to see the base set released in its entirety just before training camp, and a small update set released near the end of the season (just berfore the playoffs, in time for Christmas).

5. Are there any NFL-related themes, anniversaries, celebrations, etc. you’d like to see featured in our 2010 products?

Super Bowl MVPs. Hall of Famers. Father-son cards.

But no gimmicks. Make them regular inserts with reasonable seed ratios.

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