I ran out of Goose Joak cards to post

I haven’t returned to GABP since Opening Day, and I really have no idea when I’ll be going back. The whole bullpen situation, and Volquez cheating, and Chapman being held back because of money, and Hanigan not being utilized properly…it’s very frustrating. Why should I give my hard-earned money to a bunch of whiny cheaters and their manager who doesn’t know how to manage?

I’m sure I will go back eventually, probably this summer after the kids are out of school and I don’t have to worry about “bedtime” so much. And I plan to attend a Washington Nationals game this summer when I visit the nation’s capital (is that correct usage? or is it Capitol?), and a Baltimore Orioles game later that week. So I may have some Birds and Nats cards in a couple of months. But baseball has really taken a backseat to other ventures and hobbies that I have at the moment.

For example, my radio show Hard Rock Nights is picking up steam. We’ll be making our debut on Arrow 95.9 in Panama City, FL, this coming Saturday with an appearance by Gary Cherone from Extreme. Next week guitarist John 5 from Rob Zombie’s band will be the guest.

Another thing I’ve got in the back of my mind has to do with the month of May, which happens to be Zombie Awareness Month. I will do something throughout the month on this blog…don’t know if it will be every day or not, but it will start on May 1 (this coming Saturday) and it will be more than just the first day of the month. So look for that this weekend.

I have other things brewing, some which will show up on this blog and some which won’t. But for now, baseball cards and current baseball is taking a backseat.

About JT

Christian. Husband. Dad. 911 dispatcher. Baseball fan. Horror nut. Music nerd. Bookworm. Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year.

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