Slash’s new song…”Paradise City”

OK, I know I said I wouldn’t be posting much this week, and I won’t, but I wanted to post this and get some thoughts on it. After a few of you weigh in with your opinions, I’ll post what I think. It’s Slash (former GNR guitarist) with Cypress Hill and Fergie doing a new version of the GNR classic “Paradise City.”

Say what you want, but be careful how you say it. I will delete/unapprove any comments that are racist or contain obscenities. And don’t hate on another commenter. I want to hear what you think of the song, not what you think about what someone else thinks of the song. And be sure to actually listen to the song before posting.

What do you think?

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  1. Umm… wow. It’s decent. If it didn’t start off so cliched, it would totally rock. It almost overcomes the questionable beginning. I would put it in an occasional rotation, but not as much as the original.

    It’s a shame the beginning is less than stellar, because it does improve on the original the further along it goes.

  2. I’m a huge Slash fan and he sounds great on the track. He shreds the solo. Fergie sounds surprisingly good, as well. Not a huge fan of her, but she has a perfect voice for this song.

    I’m not sure I need B-Real and Cypress Hill though. I like Cypress Hill for a lot of reasons but I don’t think they added anything to the song.

    I’d like to hear it with just Fergie and Slash. I bet I’d like that a lot better.

    This version is just OK to me. Once the novelty of it wears off, I think I’d rather just stick with listening to the original.

  3. I enjoy Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, but I really didn’t expect this to work. However, she has a great voice and really belted it out. I agree with both of you, if Cypress Hill had not been a part of this track, it would have worked *really* well. As it is, it’s good, but not spectacular. And yeah, the solo is awesome.

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