I have divested myself of Mets and Dodgers

Almost completely. With the exception of doubles and a few select cards, all of my Mets and Dodgers cards will be shipped out tomorrow to Mark, Jim, and Greg. I have Cardinals and Royals set aside for another, as soon as I hear how many Reds he can send. And you’re on deck. What’s your team? How many Reds do you have to trade?

Francisco Rodriguez 1985 Topps

(and here’s the back to that card)
(and here’s a 2008 Topps style card using a photo taken
the same day, designed by Paul’s Random Stuff)

Steve Garvey 2008 Topps

Ron Cey 2008 Topps

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  1. I’m not so much a team collector anymore, but if you have any Andy Pettittes (both Yankees and Astros) you would want to swap, I could make it worth your while in Reds cards. If you mail me what you have at epslette AT hotmail DOT com with what you have for Andy, I’ll fire you a list of Reds I can set you up with.

    Hope to hear from ya!

  2. Wow, that Garvey card could SO fit into the 2008 Topps set. The photo doesn’t look out of place at all. Nice work.

  3. I liked the photo too. I got it by searching http://images.google.com and it was on the first page, I believe it came from the SI vault.

  4. looking forward to receiving the cards!
    nice garvey and cey 2008 cards. that cey card would have been a cey/fernando ‘classic combo’ though based on what topps has done the last couple of years

  5. I like the Rodriguez card. The best part is that you actually made a back for it. I [I]never[/i] have patience to make cardbacks. 😉

  6. Boredom at work forces me to have some degree of patience.

  7. Yeah that Garvey photo fits right in with 2008 Topps. I never saw Garvey play, and I’ve never thought of him as particularly large or strong, but man does that guy have tree trunks for arms and legs.

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