A Twisted Little Christmas Ditty

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  1. Awesome. I love Lita & Twisted Sister.

  2. I’ve been trying to ignore this video. I don’t really understand why Lita Ford is in it, and I still hold to my opinion on Christmas song remakes. The only thing that redeems it for me is the last 5 seconds when they got dropped off at the old folks’ home. THAT was pretty funny, I have to say. The continuation of this promises to be interesting.

  3. Steve, who DOESN’T love Lita & Twisted Sister? Show me the person who doesn’t like them, and I’ll show you a person who doesn’t like America! It unpatriotic to be against hair metal! Yeah! LOL

    Jen, (or is it Jenn?), I’m not crazy about Christmas music unless a band can really put their own staple on it. Now, Dee Snider didn’t really do that in this song, I’ll admit…but how cool was it to get Lita on board? This was before her comeback, and that in itself makes it pretty cool in my book. As for the rest of the Twisted Sister Christmas album, it’s awesome. There are some very Twisted-type songs on there.

  4. lol, you can call me Jen or Jenn or Jenny or whatever…I get it all, I don’t care.

    I heard that next year they’re releasing Twisted Christmas-“the musical”
    its going to be on broadway…haha. I’m kind of curious, I might go see that, just because…

  5. I hadn’t heard about the musical. Sounds like a good time!

    Speaking of musicals, I had come across some info on Nikki Sixx that he had written a musical a few years ago? I doubt it made it to Broadway, but that’s still pretty cool. Shows how diverse he really is.

  6. really? And I thought I knew everything about Nikki, lol
    I’ll have to check. But if Nikki ever wanted to write a musical, I have no doubt he would. The guy does EVERYTHING now, its getting rediculous!

  7. My bad, he didn’t write the musical, but was credited as a composer.


    They used one of the songs from 58 during the show evidently.

  8. thats still pretty cool though! now I know one more thing about Nikki Sixx I didn’t know before, lol.

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