My Saturday night activity…

Some of you are new to The Writer’s Journey blog, so let me take just a second to plug one of my other hobbies besides writing and baseball cards. I’m also a “disc jockey” on a Cincinnati radio station, and host my own hard rock show every Saturday night called Hard Rock Nights. You can listen to the show on 88.9 FM if you’re in the Cincinnati area, or log on to and listen from anywhere in the world! Here’s a preview of tonight’s program…

Things are back to normal tonight after our GNR celebration last week, but we never settle down on Hard Rock Nights! We’ll get things started off at 9 p.m. eastern with some classic AC/DC and Krokus, we’ll run through some deep cuts with David Lee Roth and Poison, and we even have a couple of requests lined up for Guns N’ Roses and Izzy Stradlin. As Rob mentioned recently, it was just over a year ago when Kevin Dubrow passed. We’ll pay tribute to him as well with a seldom-heard Quiet Riot classic as well as a track from QR’s last record. Be sure to tune in to Hard Rock Nights tonight, 9-11 p.m. eastern, at!

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Christian. Husband. Dad. 911 dispatcher. Baseball fan. Horror nut. Music nerd. Bookworm. Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year.

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  1. I tried to listen, but I think my computer was getting in the way of that. I heard it, but the feed was too choppy to listen to. The only song I was able to make out was “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” right before the show. That was purely by accident.

    I will try another listen when I finally get the other computer up and running.

  2. I caught the end of it this week…I started listening while you were playing KISS
    it occurred during that song to me that Hinder has a song that sounds slightly similar, and so now (once again) I am irritated at Hinder. Although, I do think it was a coincidence.

    Thanks for playing Crashdiet, btw!

  3. I hope you can get your computer situation worked out Steve. I know I hate working on a slow computer. That Zappa song is a classic, though.

    I wouldn’t be too upset at Hinder for copying KISS…I mean, they are KISS after all. And Crashdiet gets plenty of airtime on HRN. 🙂

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