Are Hodges and Tiant Hall of Famers?

The ballot for the Veteran’s Committee has been released, and the results will be announced on December 8. On the post-1943 ballot, the following players are named: Dick Allen, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, Al Oliver, Vada Pinson, Ron Santo, Luis Tiant, Joe Torre, and Maury Wills.

Each member of the VC (living Hall of Famers) can select up to four names on the ballot, and a nominee must receive 75% to gain induction. Of those names, only two strike me as possible Hall of Famers: Hodges and Tiant. I have never been able to figure out why Hodges wasn’t inducted by the BBWAA, and why he has still been denied for so long by the VC. Perhaps my standards are just not high enough.

Tiant is a little easier to explain. In 19 seasons, he only hit the 20-win mark four times. He ended up with only 229 wins, far fewer than the “magic” number of 300 (which is becoming more and more rare), and just shy of the slightly less “magic” number of 250. He was named to the All-Star team only three times in his career, and never finished higher than fourth in Cy Young voting.

Who would you vote for out of that list, or would you abstain?

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  1. Actually, I would vote for Maury Wills and Ron Santo. I mentioned the fact that I’d vote for both way back on one of my early posts. (

    Hodges probably should go in, but I’m not as sure about him. I didn’t see Tiant for most of his career. When I did see him, from 1977 on, he was a good pitcher. He never struck me as Hall of Fame material.

  2. I think Jim Kaat will end up getting in on the veterans ballot eventually.

  3. I’m not really familiar with Santo, except I know that most Cubs fans go crazy over the fact that he is not in the Hall.

    As far as Kaat goes, to me he’s a cheesy announcer (like Tim McCarver). He may have been a good pitcher, but I just can’t get past the broadcasting booth.

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