New Pete Rose baseball cards?

I’m not sure how Donruss managed to pull this off, but they have issued new cards picturing Charlie Hustle in their 2008 Threads product. They also have Joe Jackson in the set. Both of these players are banned from baseball, yet baseball (and their licensees) can still profit from them?

Another question…why in the world hasn’t Topps gotten in on this deal? Too busy making upside-down cards of Jay Bruce? Of course, none of these supposed “error” cards have actually surfaced in photographs or videos…just scans that are quite suspicious looking.

And what about Upper Deck? Rose retired before Upper Deck started up, and was banned before they could issue a “Baseball Heroes” insert subset. Let’s just hope that if they do, they will triple-check the facts before they send them to press.

Now that Donruss has stuck its foot in the door, will Upper Deck and/or Topps slam through it?

Does all this mean that I have started collecting cards again? Sadly, no. I just don’t have the time in between working full-time and volunteering for the greatest radio station in the history of mass communications. (You can learn more about my role in the station by clicking here or here or here.)

I do intend to start trading online, if anyone is interested. Semi-blind trades. You send me x number of Cincinnati Reds cards, and I will send you x number of cards of your favorite team. I don’t know what you’re sending (other than it is Reds) and you don’t know what I’m sending (other than it’s the team of your choice, and I have lots of Reds doubles so we can even do a Reds-for-Reds trade). I gotta get rid of some of the cards that are doing nothing but taking up space…collecting dust…providing no entertainment whatsoever for me. If you want to do this, leave a comment with your e-mail address, how many cards you want to trade, and what team you are interested in. I will check as quickly as I can to make sure I can pull off the trade, and then we’ll work out further details.

Plus I still have that box of 1983 (I think) Fleer stamps to finish busting. Looking for a Mario Soto…no whammy, no whammy, no whammy…Soto!


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  1. I’d love to do a blind trade! Name the amount.

  2. Let me start going through my boxes and pulling out all the Sox I can find. That’s Red Sox, right? *evil grin*

  3. Donruss Threads is not an official MLB licensed product, which is why they can make those cards and the other companies can’t.

  4. If they are not licensed, how can they use the team logos? Other companies that are not licensed have to airbrush the logos out.

  5. That is what I have been wondering. How they can show the team logos.

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