Quick review of the Crüe Fest, Cincinnati edition

Crüe Fest came through Cincinnati, Ohio, on August 19, 2008. I got a ticket back in whatever-month-Father’s-Day-is-in and have been looking forward to it ever since. Wasn’t feeling the best the day of the show, but there is no way I’m missing the Crüe.

I did, however, miss Trapt. I didn’t cry.

I missed Sixx:A.M. I almost cried. But then I remembered, “Hey, there’s always YouTube!” Good stuff there. Maybe they’ll play on the Fest again next year.

Papa Roach. Saw them. Wish I didn’t hear them. I like the song, “Forever,” but it was terrible live. The singer’s voice was all over the place, and the crowd wasn’t really into it.

Buckcherry. Meh. I expected much better. They played everything you would expect, including the new song, “Too Drunk,” but it really wasn’t spectacular. So far, the show was a bust.

Mötley Crüe. Finally. Third time seeing the band. They didn’t disappoint. All the standards, plus “Sick Love Song,” “Saints of Los Angeles,” and “MF of the Year.” I’m not crazy about these selections. “SolA” was a no-brainer since it was the first single off the new album, but there are much better songs that “MF of the Year.” Tommy was very entertaining. Vince was reaching a bit on the vocal range, missing several notes (and words) here and there, but the crowd mostly picked up on the lost lyrics.

It was very crowded and very hot. The price was great for the number of bands playing, just wish there had been a better selection of openers than what we got. Hopefully Crüe Fest II will get a nicer lineup.

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  1. Also, missed Trapt and Sixx AM. Show just started too early for me with work. Soo sad that I missed Sixx AM. Would have missed work and/or left early to see Nikki Sixx. I enjoyed the entire show and loved all the bands. Not really a big PapaRoach fan before , but now am. Think they rocked out, and the people around me were really into it. I have to totality disagree with your comment on Buckcherry; they rocked out! I went from loving them to total obsession. Josh Todd is a ROCK GOD. Did you hear “Crazy Bitch”? You must not have saw the entire set or had bad seats and missed out. I was in the 3rd row. This was my 8th time seeing my Motley Men and I think the best show ever. They totality rocked out, as usual. LOVE THEM. They always put on a kick ass show and go above and beyond. Greatest rock band of all time. No other band will ever compare!! Can’t wait for next year’s Crue Fest. However, Motley may do a tour this winter. Hope so, I will be there on the front row, as usual

  2. I had lawn seats…the hardbacks are too expensive. Maybe I was just too excited about seeing Crue that I couldn’t enjoy any other band. It was my third time seeing them, and while it was better than the show with Aerosmith 2 years ago, it wasn’t as good as the first concert I saw in 1998 with the Scorpions.

  3. I think it helped to see some of the bands closer. I thought Papa Roach rocked, but I paid dearly for my seats. I was only a few rows from the stage.

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