Rod Smart is not dead

At least, not as far as I can determine. Rod He Hate Me SmartI got several hits on this blog yesterday via search engines in which the search terms used were “Rod Smart dead,” “He Hate Me dead,” etc. I’m not sure where the rumors are coming from, but I could not find any references to the former XFL star’s untimely demise, with the exception of this satirical article (which I believe is in poor taste).

Las Vegas OutlawsWhile on the subject of the XFL, was there a cooler team than the Las Vegas Outlaws? I didn’t think so. Man, I miss the XFL.

“He Hate Me” also played for (or was on the roster for) the San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers, and Oakland Raiders, and was drafted by Team Tennessee in the inaugural AAFL draft. Of course, the AAFL is in financial trouble and may never take the field, but at least it’s nice to be drafted. Right?

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  1. Keith Olbermann recently made a comment regarding Smart on Countdown, making it seem he had passed away.
    Maybe it was a reference to that SportsPickle article…

  2. I’ll have to do some more digging and see if anything turns up today, but I wouldn’t put any stock in anything Olbermann says.

  3. The Olbermann thing was an obvious mis-speak, he said the “late Rod Smart of the XFL” rather than “Rod Smart of the late XFL.” This was in reference to the moniker “He Hate Me,” referenced by a guest on Countdown.

  4. Olbermann misspoke? Not possible….is it?

  5. He is not dead my friend is seeing him/ dating/ i really think just fuckin… he lives in a big ass house in Charlotte…. So nope not dead!…..

  6. the bastard is definitely not dead. trust me. and whoever has a friend that was dating/seeing/fucking him is one of many. the house is not that big either. no more than 4500 square feet.

  7. Douggie Franklin

    Hi there
    Just to let you know that there was a Rod Smart that was killed in a highjack incident in Randhart Jhb last Sunday. He was an amazing gentle person. He was a director of Minova RSA. We had his memorial service yesterday.
    Thought I would just put the story right.

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