These guys are getting a movie?

Before the Green Lantern? And before Flash? Even before Wonder Woman?

Yes, that’s the Watchmen. I’ve never read it. I’ll check out the library and see if they have it, since Time Magazine honored it as one of “the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present” (the only comic book to make that prestigious list).

Anyway, back to the point…no other DC legends have been immortalized the way Superman and Batman (and, to a lesser extent, Supergirl) have, but the Watchmen are getting that treatment and will hit the theaters next year. I have to admit, I’m intrigued. Anything comic-related intrigues me. But I’m also surprised that there has been such a hold-up on the members of the Justice League. It seems to me like they would want to make their money now on known entities, while the comic book movie wave is riding high.

Would you like to see the trailer for Watchmen? Click here. (I found the link on Zombie vs. Shark, who got it from CHUD.)

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  1. The Watchmen is a great story. Maybe Hollywood is going for substance over style, but that doesn’t really make any sense. I Green Lantern movie would be weak.

  2. Man, Green Lantern is one of my favorite characters.

    Or wait, were you talking about the rapper? Yeah, that WOULD be weak. 🙂

  3. If you like comics, definitely check out Watchmen. It’s pretty fantastic. I have no idea how they are going to make a decent film out of it though. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. I’ve got the book reserved at the library now. It’s currently checked out, due back sometime in August.

    I still can’t believe they are getting the big-screen treatment before Hal Jordan, though.

  5. Dude, if you havent read the watchmen, you are completely missing out. This is the perfect story for a movie because it really isnt about “super” superheroes. Though I love Green Lantern above all other DC characters, I am VERY happy that the Watchmen gets the silver screen treatment when it does.

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