How amazing was the Van Halen concert last night?

I attended the Van Halen concert last night in Cincinnati, sitting in the cheap seats (of course). Section 214, on Eddie’s side of the stage. Couldn’t see the jumbotron, but it’s ok because I was still close enough to see most of the action. Great show. I got chills when the lights went dark and had to fight back tears when the started “You Really Got Me.” Amazing. I can’t wait to find a bootleg of the show. It will spend a lot of time in my CD player.

* Read Hard Rock Hideout’s review of the same show.

* Read Bring Back Glam’s review of the same show.

(Do you have a review of the Cincinnati stop? Leave a comment and I’ll post a link above.)


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  1. I’m sorry the monitor was in your way. I was in section 221, so we were not too far apart. It’s very sweet you got so emotional when the music started. That’s the sign of a true fan.

    Allyson B. Crawford

  2. i was section 112 row G

    i had a great seat, and i had a fuckin blast

    if you wanna some pic i took at the show go to (Go to Pic, then concert pics) the vh cincinatti pics is the first one you see

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