The Frank Thomas Fiasco

The Big Hurt got his feelings hurt in Toronto, and the Blue Jays responded by giving him the big boot out the door. Where will Frank Thomas land for the remainder of the 2008 season? Here’s the inside scoop…

Dusty Baker has always been a fan of Frank, and has often stated that he would like to manage the slugging first baseman…er, designated hitter.* But in the NL he would have to play the field. That would put rookie sensation Joey Votto on the bench, but wouldn’t you rather have a future Hall of Famer on the field than a flash-in-the-pan?

Toronto was not the first city to hurt the Big Hurt’s feelings. Chicago–specifically the evil White Sox–ran Thomas out of town a few years ago. Nothing would vindicate Frank more than to come back and play for the mighty Cubs, leading them to their first World Championship in a century. That would show those Comiskey bums. (No offense, Steve.) Plus, Lou Piniella has always said he wanted to manage Thomas.*

While this baseball fan would like to see either of the above scenarios, we ALL know what IS going to happen. Frank won’t play in Cincy, and he won’t go back to the Windy City. He’s not going west coast, or to the panhandle. Frank Thomas will, without a doubt, end up:

You heard it here first!

* I have absolutely no sources verifying that either Baker or Piniella have ever stated they are interested in managing Thomas. I just made it up. But it does make sense, right?

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  1. No offense taken. LOL

    No need to wonder what Frank will look like in Yankee pinstripes.

  2. I am ashamed to say, Steve, that I have never seen that movie. My next trip to the library I will definitely look for it.

  3. It’s a decent movie. Every time that it’s on television, I’ll stop and watch it.

    Plus, you get to see Dennis Haysbert (who played Pedro Cerrano in Major League) in another baseball role.

  4. I suppose though that you could easily imagine what he looks like in an A’s uniform

  5. Yeah, that would have been too easy.

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