Who I do support vs. who I should support

According to glassbooth.org, I am more similar to Mike Huckabee (69%) than Mitt Romney (68%), John McCain (60%), and Ron Paul (58%). While I like Huckabee (and not for religious reasons, but for policy), I like Paul more. I guess it is the wording of the questions and the level of federal involvement that causes the difference between myself and Dr. Paul. For instance, while I strongly support the death penalty, I do not believe the federal government should be involved in most of those cases–it is a state issue. Does this mean I will change my vote from Paul to Huckabee (if they are both still in the race when the primary comes to Kentucky, that is)? No, I will still vote for the one that I believe has the right policies, and that is Dr. Paul.

What will I do in November, when it is McCain vs. Clinton? The answer is simple: I’ll cry.

UPDATE: I retook the quiz, updating the “importance” of each issue by giving them all a “1” or “2” score rather than weighting some “4” and skipping others. In doing so, I got more of a variety of “oppose/support” questions, and the result was quite different as well. I am now 70% similar to Ron Paul, and 65% to Mike Huckabee. My similarity to McCain (54%) and Romney (53%) took a major plunge as well.

When looking at the candidates no longer running, I’m also similar to Duncan Hunter (71%) and Tom Tancredo (70%) and somewhat similar to Fred Thompson (66%).

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  1. Hmm. Interesting. I’ve taken a few of those assessments, myself. And they always ring true for me.

    Mike Huckabee is the man I match with on the issues.

    I just want to suggest something to you, and yes I am a bit biased, but I think I am being fair in asking this…

    Would you still give your vote for Ron Paul (when the Kentucky election roles around) even though he has only 4 delegates to his name? I mean, after tonight’s results I believe we are looking at a McCain nomination – unless Huckabee can swipe up some more of the upcoming states. Romney fell tonight, hard. And Paul came in last in all 21 states that voted. There is a strong base for Ron Paul – I’m not denying that – yet, it hasn’t shown itself in this race. I believe it lies mostly in the independent voters…so he should run Independent! But seeing as there is virtually no way for him to win the nomination, I would just ask, as a Huckabee supporter, that you back Mike in the Kentucky primary. Ron Paul supporters in West Viriginia backed Huckabee today and he came out with an unexpected win! I believe Mike Huckabee is the only smart choice left on the Republican ticket!

  2. Hi Cassidy, thanks for your comments. I don’t know who will be left in the Kentucky primary. Huckabee may drop out after tonight and throw support towards McCain, and if Romney gets/got stomped as badly as some were projecting, he may decide to quit wasting his kids’ inheritance. I’m not sure if Paul will even stay in the race, although he has indicated that he intends to stay through the end. Of course, all of this is moot if McCain gets enough to get the nomination tonight. I haven’t been following the results tonight, I figured I would wait until everything is in and see the final tally tomorrow.

  3. I got Mitt Romney. Gag.

  4. Second time: Ron Paul, tied with Huckabee. That’s more like it.

  5. eyeingtenure, did you change your answers to try to fit with the politician or just expand the number of “support/oppose” questions?

  6. I did this when it that one blog posted it.

    The second time, I had expanded support/oppose. I initially had the economy, Iraq and abortion as things I actually cared about, and answered against a balanced budget amendment on the principle of budgetary flexibility.

    I play by the rules, no worries. 😉

  7. One of the problems I had with the quiz was the generality of the questions, although I know you can’t get much more specific. Like on Iraq, I would have liked to explain my answers, but there’s no way to measure that. For instance, I don’t think we should have gotten into the Iraq War to begin with, but now that we are there I don’t believe in setting a specific timetable for withdrawal. At the same time, I do not believe we should stay for decades. Also, several things on there I answered as what my views are, but I do not believe the federal government should rule on some of these issues – like the death penalty, abortion, etc. It is a restrictive survey.

  8. OFF: Tancredo and Hunter? You must have a really hard line against illegal immigration.

  9. I do not have a problem with people who want to come to this country because they believe it will lead to a better life (whether that is true or not is debatable). However, I am 100% against those who refuse to go through the proper channels to do so. There is a reason it’s called ILLEGAL immigration–because it’s against the law.

  10. Fair enough. Tancredo always struck me as a warrantless bigot from Colorado, though. At least Hunter represented a border state.

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