The most dedicated fans

Back in the mid-1990s, when the internet was still “catching on,” a number of people created websites for their various passions. Their favorite band, TV show, car, or sports figure. While you don’t see many Geocities or Angelfire domains around today, there are still some high-quality websites out there built by fans.

One such website is – The Will Clark Baseball Card Gallery. I followed up until about 1993, and then started seeing some cards that I don’t recall, so I guess that’s about the time I gave up on collecting. He really has a nice collection, and it was cool to go through and look at the various photographs and artwork that appeared on the cards during (and after) Clark’s career. He will be remember as one of the greatest, though for a very short time.

Another great website that I stumbled upon this morning is The Mark Grace Website. Not only is there a very cool gallery of Grace’s baseball cards, there is also a well-written and though-out piece about his chances at the Hall of Fame. Written by a fan, I was surprised at the analytical approach to Grace’s candidacy and the writer’s conclusion that no, Grace probably will not reside in Cooperstown as an immortal–at least not by the votes of the BBWAA. Grace’s immortality rests more with the Veteran’s Committee, which means it will be close to twenty years before he is seriously considered.

Personally, I would love to see Grace in the Hall. But I would also love to see Dave Concepcion there. And honestly, if neither Dale Murphy or Don Mattingly make it, I’m not sure Grace or Concepcion should either. That said, I really like the fantasy plaque appearing at the bottom of the article:

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  1. I just stumbled onto your page. I’m glad you stumbled onto mine and enjoyed your stay…


  2. You’ve got a great site, Drew.

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