Quiet Riot’s Kevin Dubrow (10/29/55-11/19/07)

One of the celebrity deaths that affected me most in 2007 was the passing of Kevin Dubrow, lead singer for Quiet Riot. The band is known best for their 1983 hit, a cover of Slade’s “Cum On Feel The Noize.” Guitar legend Randy Rhoads was also with the band before they made it big in America, and was featured on the first two QR albums that were released only in Japan. Dubrow and drummer Frankie Banali released a new album in 2006, ironically titled Rehab, with a new guitarist and bass player in tow. After Dubrow’s passing, I wrote a few lines (no pun intended, seriously). Here goes nothin’:

Nobody Rocks It Like You

Driving in my Cadillac on the way to the show
Bangin’ my head, I gotta go, go, go
Speedin’ down Sunset, I already feel the noize
Yeah, I just can’t wait to see those boyz
Rockin’ on the stage like it’s nobody’s business
No one is going home until the party is finished
We’re wild and we’re young and we’re never gonna stop
That heavy metal sound is just way too hot

Nobody rocks it like you
Screamin’ on the stage
Day after day
Nobody rocks it like you
Heavy metal sage
Hey! Hey! Hey!

At the front of the line, all the rest are imitators
Sincerest flattery, heavy metal invaders
Rising to the top, you showed us all the way
“We were born to rock” is what I heard you say
Strange daze would come, but you never gave up
You kept pushin’ and pullin’ and rockin’…you were tough
But now you’ve go on to be with the Thunderbird
You know no one will ever forget your words

Nobody rocks it like you
Screamin’ on the stage
Day after day
Nobody rocks it like you
Heavy metal sage
Hey! Hey! Hey!

About JT

Christian. Husband. Dad. 911 dispatcher. Baseball fan. Horror nut. Music nerd. Bookworm. Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year.

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  1. I was saddened to hear of DuBrow’s passing. I think that’s a nice tribute to him.

    I still listen to Metal Health and Condition Critical, two of my favorite albums from the 80s.

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