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NaNoWriMo Day 20

Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.

Jules Renard

National Baseball Hall of Fame 2015 Daily Calendar

National Baseball Hall of Fame 2015 Daily Calendar

National Baseball Hall of Fame 2015 Daily Calendar
The Cooperstown Collection
Sellers Publishing, 2014

If you haven’t looked at a calendar lately, you may not be aware that there are only 35 days left until Christmas. Don’t worry, though, Sellers Publishing has the perfect gift for the baseball fan on your list: the National Baseball Hall of Fame 2015 Daily Calendar. Each day of the year provides information and trivia for die-hard baseball fans, beginning with a collage of 19th century memorabilia on January 1 (Hank Greenberg‘s birthday) through December 31, with the somber remembrance of Roberto Clemente‘s fatal mission to Nicaragua.

Trivia questions are scattered through the pages; member plaques, baseball cards, uniforms and other memorabilia are displayed throughout the year. This calendar, officially licensed by Major League Baseball and the Hall of Fame, is sure to delight fans young and old who hunger for historical knowledge and who miss the game terribly during the off-season.

Learn more about Sellers Publishing.

Purchase the National Baseball Hall of Fame 2015 Daily Calendar.


Writers end up writing about their obsessions. Things that haunt them; things they can’t forget; stoies they carry in their bodes waiting to be released.

Natalie Goldberg

Get unstuck

If you get stuck, get away from your desk. Take a walk, take a bath, go to sleep, make a pie, draw, listen to music, meditate, exercise; whatever you do, don’t just stick there scowling at the problem.

Hilary Mantel

No limits, no regrets

You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get. I want to be able to look back and say, “I’ve done everything I can, and I was successful.” I don’t want to look back and say I should have done this or that.

Michael Phelps

NaNoWriMo is half over

All of us harbor secret hopes that a magnificent novel will tumble out of the sky and appear on our screens, but almost universally, writing is hard, slow, and totally unglamorous. So why finish what you’ve started? Because in two weeks, when you are done, you will be grateful for the experience.

John Green

Read the full pep talk at this link. Or, skip the pep talk and get back to writing. Because that’s what it’s all about.


Fiction writing is great. You can make up almost anything.

Ivana Trump

The final nine

TWJ 2014

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the final nine 2014 TWJ baseball cards are in the books (the last two were uploaded this morning). The virtual set consists of 260 base cards, twenty-eight highlights, and an eighteen-card All-Star subset. The final nine were highlights, featuring each league’s Most Valuable Player (Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw), Cy Young (Corey Kluber and Kershaw), Manager of the Year (Matt Williams and Buck Showalter), and Rookie of the Year (Jacob deGrom and Jose Abreu) Award winners, and a special World Champions card for the San Francisco Giants featuring Series MVP Madison Bumgarner and his catcher Buster Posey.

I liked the 2014 TWJ set, and enjoyed producing these cards. I’m still tinkering with a design for 2015 and some possible subsets for the off-season. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

The full set (as well as previous years’ sets and subsets) can be viewed at TWJ cards on tumblr.

The BBBWARAOAAE congratulates Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw

Mike Trout MVP

The BBWAA finally got it right in the American League, unanimously crowning Mike Trout as the Most Valuable Player in 2014. In addition to his BBWAA hardware, the slugging outfielder takes home his second virtual trophy from the blogging community in 2014; he was named Rookie of the Year in 2012. He may have won an award in 2013 as well, had the chairman of the BBBWARAOAAE remembered to send out the ballots. Trout is only the tenth player ever to be listed first on all BBWAA ballots for the MVP; Albert Pujols was the last unanimous winner in 2009 for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was one vote away from unanimity from the BBBWARAOAAE as well; one voter listed Chicago rookie Jose Abreu above Trout.

Clayton Kershaw MVP

In the National League, the debate whether a pitcher should win MVP raged on, but in the end both the BBWAA and the BBBWARAOAAE selected Clayton Kershaw as the Most Valuable Player. Hotly contested until the very end of the season, Giancarlo Stanton‘s injuries may have cost him the award. Of course, the early season front-runner was Troy Tulowitzki; no BBBWARAOAAE listed the shortstop on their ballot, but one kind BBWAA member recognized Tulo and listed him in last place.






BBWAA (place)
1. Mike Trout 18 94 420 (1)
2. Victor Martinez - 36 229 (2)
3. Jose Abreu 1 24 145 (4)
4. Robinson Cano - 16 124 (6)
5. Michael Brantley - 13 185 (3)
6. Nelson Cruz - 12 102 (7)
7. Josh Donaldson - 11 96 (8)
8. Felix Hernandez - 10 48 (10)
9. Miguel Cabrera - 7 82 (9)
10. Jose Altuve - 6 41 (13)
11t. Corey Kluber - 4 45 (11)
11t. Jose Bautista - 4 128 (5)
13t. Alex Gordon - 2 44 (12)
13t. Adam Jones - 2 34 (14)
15t. Steve Pearce - 1 n/a
15t. Kyle Seager - 1 1 (20)
15t. Adrian Beltre - 1 22 (15)
x. Greg Holland - n/a 13 (16)
x. Albert Pujols - n/a 5 (17)
x. Howie Kendrick - n/a 3 (18t)
x. James Shields - n/a 3 (18t)






BBWAA (place)
1. Clayton Kershaw 12 77 355 (1)
2. Giancarlo Stanton 5 56 298 (2)
3. Andrew McCutchen 1 53 271 (3)
4. Jonathan Lucroy - 13 167 (4)
5. Anthony Rendon - 7 155 (5)
6t. Johnny Cueto - 3 22 (12)
6t. Anthony Rizzo - 3 37 (10)
6t. Buster Posey - 3 152 (6)
9t. Yasiel Puig - 2 8 (19t)
9t. Justin Morneau - 2 2 (23t)
9t. Carlos Gomez - 2 13 (16)
12t. Devin Mesoraco - 1 5 (21)
12t. Ben Revere - 1 n/a
x. Adrian Gonzalez - n/a 57 (7)
x. Adam Wainwright - n/a 53 (8)
x. Josh Harrison - n/a 52 (9)
x. Hunter Pence - n/a 34 (11)
x. Russell Martin - n/a 21 (13)
x. Matt Holliday - n/a 17 (14t)
x. Jhonny Peralta - n/a 17 (14t)
x. Justin Upton - n/a 10 (17)
x. Jayson Werth - n/a 9 (18)
x. Denard Span - n/a 8 (19t)
x. Lucas Duda - n/a 3 (22)
x. Freddie Freeman - n/a 2 (23t)
x. Dee Gordon - n/a 1 (25t)
x. Troy Tulowitzki - n/a 1 (25t)

Write and write and write

On writing, my advice is the same to all. If you want to be a writer, write. Write and write and write. If you stop, start again. Save everything that you write. If you feel blocked, write through it until you feel your creative juices flowing again. Write.

Anne Rice

The BBBWARAOAAE congratulates Clayton Kershaw, Corey Kluber, and Felix Hernandez

Kershaw Cy Young winner

The unanimous winner of the National League Cy Young Award presented by the BBWAA was also the unanimous selection of the BBBWARAOAAE. Clayton Kershaw‘s lights-out performance on the mound made him the clear winner in the Senior Circuit. The BBWAA and BBBWARAOAAE results matched up the top six pitchers in the League: Kershaw, Johnny Cueto, Adam Wainwright, Madison Bumgarner, Jordan Zimmerman and Cole Hamels.

Felix Hernandez and Corey Kluber Cy Young winners

The American League was a much closer call, and too close to call for the BBBWARAOAAE, so BBWAA winner Corey Kluber shares the award with Seattle Mariners ace Felix Hernandez.






BBWAA (place)
1. Clayton Kershaw 20 100 210 (1)
2. Johnny Cueto - 61 112 (2)
3. Adam Wainwright - 46 97 (3)
4. Madison Bumgarner - 14 28 (4)
5. Jordan Zimmerman - 10 25 (5)
6. Cole Hamels - 7 17 (6)
7. Jake Arrieta - 3 3 (9t)
8t. Tanner Roark - 2 n/a
8t. Stephen Strasburg - 2 3 (9t)
10t. Aroldis Chapman - 1 n/a
10t. Doug Fister - 1 5 (8)
10t. Zack Greinke - 1 6 (7)
10t. Craig Kimbrel - 1 3 (9t)
x. Henderson Alvarez - n/a 1 (12)






BBWAA (place)
1t. Felix Hernandez 10 74 159 (2)
1t. Corey Kluber 8 74 169 (1)
3. Chris Sale - 40 78 (3)
4. Max Scherzer - 18 32 (5)
5. Jon Lester - 13 46 (4)
6. David Price - 4 16 (6)
7t. Greg Holland - 2 1 (9)
7t. Hisashi Iwakuma - 2 n/a
9t. Dallas Keuchel - 1 n/a
9t. Rick Porcello - 1 n/a
x. Phil Hughes - n/a 6 (7)
x. Wade Davis - n/a 3 (8)

The moment

A story isn’t about a moment in time, a story is about the moment in time.

W.D. Wetherell

Who is the greatest shortstop of all-time?

Cal Ripken

With the retirement of Derek Jeter, I thought it would be appropriate to ask the BBBWARAOAAE, “Who is the greatest shortstop of all-time?” In an extremely close race, Cal Ripken edged out Honus Wagner 48-47, with Jeter finishing third. As of this writing, all eligible shortstops named in the poll have been elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

1. Cal Ripken 6 48
2. Honus Wagner 4 47
3. Derek Jeter - 18
4t. Ernie Banks - 14
4t. Ozzie Smith - 14
4t. Barry Larkin - 14
7t. Alex Rodriguez 1 5
7t. Luis Aparicio - 5
9. Luke Appling - 4

The BBBWARAOAAE has spoken, and the player who most deserves Hall of Fame enshrinement is…

Pete Rose

One of my personal favorite topics of discussion is the worthiness of players for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Nearly everyone has an opinion about who does and does not belong, and who has been overlooked by the BBWAA voters. The most overlooked player, according to the BBBWARAOAAE, is the all-time hit king Pete Rose, who is not eligible for enshrinement under the current rules of the Hall of Fame. Others who received votes are PED poster boys Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, stars of the 1980s Tim Raines and Alan Trammell, and old timers Bill Dahlen and Tony Mullane.

1. Pete Rose 7 42
2. Tim Raines 1 27
3. Barry Bonds 1 22
4. Shoeless Joe Jackson - 18
5. Craig Biggio - 12
6. Bill Dahlen 1 10
7. Roger Clemens - 8
8. Dale Murphy - 7
9. Tony Mullane 1 6
10. Alan Trammell - 4
11. Lee Smith - 3
12t. Kenny Lofton - 2
12t.Dave Parker - 2
14. Dave Concepcion - 1

Hard at work, or hardly working?

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.

Stephen King

R.I.P. Big Bank Hank

(August 5, 1957 – November 11, 2014)

Henry Jackson, better known as Big Bank Hank of the Sugarhill Gang, passed away today after battling cancer.

The BBBWARAOAAE congratulates Jose Abreu and Jacob deGrom

Jose Abreu Rookie of the Year

After taking home the BBWAA top rookie awards yesterday, Jose Abreu and Jacob deGrom can continue their celebrations today as both are winners of the Base Ball Blog Writers and Readers Association of America and Elsewhere Rookie of the Year Award!

Jacob  deGrom Rookie of the Year

Abreu was the clear winner in the American League, taking all but one first-place vote; deGrom faced stiff competition from the Reds’ speedy Billy Hamilton, but edged him out 11-7 in first place votes, and winning by the slim margin of seven points. Only one other National Leaguer, David Peralta, received a first-place vote.

BBBWARAOAAE voters recognized one AL and four NL rookies that were overlooked by the BBWAA; the BBWAA listed two AL and one NL first-year players that were ignored by BBBWARAOAAE voters.






BBWAA (place)
1. Jose Abreu 18 94 150 (1)
2. Matt Shoemaker 1 42 40 (2)
3. Masahiro Tanaka - 24 16 (5)
4. Dellin Betances - 20 27 (3)
5. Yordano Ventura - 18 9 (6)
6. Collin McHugh - 17 21 (4)
7. George Springer - 4 1 (8t)
8. Danny Santana - 3 3 (7)
9t. Xander Bogaerts - 2 n/a
9t. Nick Castellanos - 2 1 (8t)
x. Brock Holt - n/a 1 (8t)
x. Jake Odorizzi - n/a 1 (8t)






BBWAA (place)
1. Jacob deGrom 11 82 142 (1)
2. Billy Hamilton 7 75 92 (2)
3. Kolten Wong - 21 14 (3)
4t. Ken Giles - 13 8 (4)
4t. Ender Inciarte - 13 4 (5)
6. Kyle Hendricks - 6 2 (7t)
7t. Jeurys Familia - 5 2 (7t)
7t. David Peralta 1 5 n/a
9t. Joe Panik - 3 3 (6)
9t. Travis d’Arnaud - 3 n/a
9t. Javier Baez - 3 n/a
12. Yangervis Solarte - 1 n/a
x. Chase Anderson - n/a 1 (10)

Are you listening?

The essential element for good writing s a good ear: One must listen to the sound of one’s own prose.

Barbara Tuchman

Keep writing

You write on the good days and you write on the lousy days.

Neil Gaiman

Advice from a legend

The best way is always to stop when you are going good and when you know what will happen next. If you do that every day…you will never be stuck. Always stop while you are going good and don’t think about it or worry about it until you start to write the next day.

Ernest Hemingway


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